Simply put, idents are animated logos. While once the preserve of movie opening credits, these are now ubiquitous in putting a clear brand on video content. I’ve been making idents for years using a wide range of methodologies, from simple reveals using vectors from company designers, to 3D to filming composite elements (in one case antique clock parts!) and pulling these together as a digital collage. At this point my idents have probably had multiples of millions of views and I love making them. These can take from as little as a day to create on the simpler side but can serve your brand for years.


Lottie Animation

Lottie animation files are by far the most efficient way to deliver high quality low file size animations on the internet, whether that’s via a website or an app. With added features for interaction these can draw the eye and keep your audience or customers engaged. If created with vector artwork, they can scale beautifully without pixation across all screen types. In many ways Lottie’s a more sophisticated replacement to heavier, poor quality GIF files. As an early adopter I even introduced this technology to certain well known coffee company and you’ll find many examples of these across my website. I strongly recommend considering these for multiple platform campaigns, where you can make use of animations in your video, apps, website and more.

Animated Presentations

Tired of slide presentations? Need to communicate with your colleagues or wider teams in a more engaging way? Using motion graphics and animation to get your message across. I’ve spent years making these for internal corporate communication at well known companies, but large or small these can help deliver important messages to your team.

Character animations

Characters give your audience something these can relate to and can help add diversity to your messaging. It’s no surprise character animation remains a popular option for a great many companies these days. I work with a number of designer to get the perfect personalities and styles to match your ideas.  I will rig these using DUIK in order to give their their “skeleton” and facial expressions, allowing them to work across a wide range of scenes. These rigs can be worked on in parallel by a team of animators to create a range of films if necessary in time for your deadline. For characters that you may bring back time and again as part of your branding there is a clear payoff for the initial artist and rigging time as you use these character for further animations. Characters can be designed in such a way as to be compatible with Lottie animation.

Post Fixes

Before After

If you’ve spent any time around video production you’ve probably heard the phrase “fix it in post”, and in fact I’ve long been the person production companies call to fix some of their visual headaches. This often relates to the tracking and removal of objects, wires of vehicles spoiling their otherwise amazing shot. In a jam with something like this? Give me a shout and let’s see if we can fix it in post.

Template Graphics

I can make sophisticated motion graphics and titles, built in such a way that they can easily be updated with new copy by your team. This is great for anyone with a need to post well branded but changing titles on a regular basis with the need for advanced After Effects Skills or the cost of regular changes. The templates can also be made to work purely in Premiere Pro for changes directly on your editing timeline.

Photo Animation

Adding a parallax effect or even animation to a photo  can bring new life to often old archive imagery where sometimes footage might not exist. I’m proud to have used such methods for the likes of Bugatti and Cadbury, the latter part of a project that had national news coverage for reaching 3 million people thanks to the brilliant project devised by Snappin’ Turtle Productions.