Production Services

Most companies I work with go for the mini-doc package you see below, however I’ve recently added a number of services more suited to businesses wanting to engage with social media and get high quality result out more urgently than the typical fully crewed up production. I offer a range of production services which also work well with some of the animation services I provide, such as motion graphics and ident creation.

I’ve also worked on the teams of a lot of other productions as a director, camera operator, Director of Photography and drone operator, so there are yet more projects worked on that for legal reasons cannot post on my own website, these include commercials, brand films, broadcast productions and even a few movies. Please ask for more details.


Tnmoc d-day films

The Nation Museum of Computing asked me to make a set of two films covering the 75 anniversary of D-Day. Filmed over the course of 1 day, we got interviews with incredible veterns of Bletchley Park’s code breaking efforts as well as covering some of the events during the celebrations. Production involved dual cameras, sound recording and mixing. This an extremely typical mini-doc production and is one of a number of projects I’ve made for the museum over the years.


“A brighter future for Coventry in 2021” – In late 2020 I had a chance to spend a day with Taiwo Owatemi MP and 2nd day of production meeting some of her consituancy. It was a challenging film to produce given Covid-19 had prevented her team from getting much of the social media coverage you’d normal hope to get. Despite this we were able to make a mini-documentary using news articles and parliamentary speeches as well as getting our own coverage to make a film that really get to the heart of her and story and the work she does for Coventry.

Drone reel

I qualified as a drone pilot in early 2017, during the time when it was necessary to do exams and flight tests for the CAA. This has given me a grounding safe flying practices and also allowed me to work on some amazing projects, including working for McLaren, JLR and Red Bull very early on as well as my own productions. I’m happy to work for other production companies to get them the stunning visuals they need, and I’m equally happy to pop up a drone where allow for any of my own projects.

music videos

About a third of my work is spent on music video production. For that reason, please visit my music video website for further details, as they’re far more examples over there: