Duncan Catterall


I'm an experienced filmmaker and animator based in the U.K. My work includes commercials, feature films, music videos, brand films and beyond. My work has been at the centre of many extremely successful productions. My use of visual effects and animation means I keep a foot in both production and post production, whilst maintaining a high level of skills the areas I have sought to work in.



I make films using technology. Whether it's the visual effects on countless projects, wiring up lights to MIDI triggers, turning GPS data into graphics or photogrametry with my drone - using and developing cutting edge technology has been at the forefront of my filmmaking for the entirety of my career. Although I made animations since my early teens, my professional career started in production and have an appreciation for the complete process. I use After Effects, Maya, Vray, Mocha Pro, Photoscan, Unreal Engine, Vray and most of the Adobe CC Programs. I have cut on Final Cut X, Avid and Premiere, to broadcast specifications. My After Effect work is the most in-demand of my post production skills. I've used a wide range of EFP and ENG cameras.


Some of the brands I've done work for:

I have worked for: Alpha Matrix, BBC, Bentley, Bugatti,  Cadbury/MDLZ, Clipper Round The World Race, Ford, Hoover/Candy, Highland Myst Productions, International Tennis Federation, JML Group, London Air  Ambulance, Penkat Studio, Metropolis Records, McLaren, Outrun Films,  Snappin' Turtle Productions, Red Bull, Roborace, RightMove, Universal Records, Vauxhall, WTii, and many others.


Email: Contact@DuncanCatterall.com

Phone: 07710 415 993